Child of the Civil Rights Movement

A story from Day Two of Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools

By Carlton Holliday, Jr.

Makia Green, a member of Black Lives Matter DC chapter, visited my kindergarten classroom, provided a  presentation to students and read Child of the Civil Rights Movement. Makia asked scholars several questions that helped them understand the importance children made in the Civil Rights Movement. Makia made my scholars understand that they too have a role and voice in what takes place in society. She asked students questions to help them gain better clarity on the book. She helped scholars build connections from the book to things that are happening in society today.

The Child of the Civil Rights Movement book was very intriguing to my students; they really liked the story and the message of the story. The presentation ended with a debrief in which the students and Makia discussed ways that they can help society and people in our community.

TuesdayMykella Palmer