Black Muslims Lesson at Deal Middle School


On September 14th, 2018, eighth grade social studies teachers at Alice Deal Middle School used the “Black Muslims in the United States: An introductory activity” lesson with their 550 students. Eighth grade U.S. History teacher Amy Trenkle coordinated this effort, and designed a worksheet to help students prepare.

The lesson, part of Teaching for Change’s Challenge Islamophobia project, was used during a unit about the colonization of North America.  The lesson showcases the impact of Black Muslims in the country’s history through a role-play mixer activity. Amy Trenkle said:

The students understood immediately why we were doing it, and they enjoyed learning about it because it was new to them and interesting.

The Black Muslims lesson is available for free download. Six other lessons on Muslims and Islamophobia are in the final stages of testing and will be posted in the coming weeks as part of the Challenge Islamophobia project. If you are interested in piloting a lesson, please contact Teaching for Change.