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The United States has the largest known incarcerated population in the world. What’s more, the rate of incarceration for people of color in the U.S. is vastly and blatantly higher than for white people. Black people are incarcerated at a rate of 2,207 in every 100,000, Latinos at 966 in 100,000, and whites at only 380 in 100,000 (Prison Policy Initiative). Numbers like these aren’t just statistics; they are symptoms of a system that discriminates, punishes, and restricts. This event's featured authors write on the effects of this system on the lives of everyday Americans, shedding light on narratives that are often oversimplified or ignored.


  • Reginald Dwayne Betts

  • DaMaris B. Hil

  • Luis J. Rodriguez

  • Tony Lewis, Jr. (Moderator)