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NCTE Advocacy and Leadership Summit

Event Details:

Each year National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) hosts an event on Capitol Hill for members to push for policy changes that support our profession and to share the wisdom of our experiences with legislators who need to understand the impact of their decisions on the communities we serve.

This program is designed to help participants build their advocacy toolkits so the work we do together in Washington, DC, can have long-term implications for their engagement in policy after the summit is over.

Attendees will be fully engaged through the duration of the event, whether they are in briefing sessions led by national leaders, hearing from speakers including author Laura Wides-Muñoz and NPR reporter Elissa Nadworny, or in scheduled visits with legislative offices.

If you’ve never taken part in Hill visits before, you will find that we have built in ample scaffolding and support to ensure your preparation and success.