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Discuss a Better Way to Measure School Quality with Dr.Jack Schneider

  • Columbia Heights Education Campus 3101 16th Street Northwest Northwest Washington, DC, 20010 United States (map)

Event Details

Measuring School Quality: “It’s both about the spirit of a school and helping to restore the full purpose of education, and it’s about actionable information. For students and parents and citizens, who are interested in public education, it’s about getting better at all of the things that we want to get better at, not just in this one narrow area — the acquisition of the academic content in math and English — that often produces unintended consequences like undermining the rest of the curriculum.” —Dr. Jack Schneider, author of A Better Way to Measure School Quality; Director of Research for the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment.

This event is organized by S.H.A.P.P.E.; other co-sponsors include Ward 1 Ed Council, Ward 4 ed Alliance, EmpowerEdWeAct RadioCHPSPO, and Teaching for Change.