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Milo’s Museum Read Aloud

Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS educators, Ms. Dani and Mr. CJ, started their morning meeting in their first grade classroom with a read aloud of Milo’s Museum. Students gathered around the carpet as Mr. CJ began to read Milo’s story. Several students excitedly raised their hands when Mr. CJ stopped to ask, “Milo is looking at her community and realized she did not see her community in the museum. What do you think she will do?”

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Wednesday, FeaturedMykella Palmer
The Fight for Justice: Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution

Kenmore Middle School educator, Dr. Tiffany Mitchell, started her class today by asking her students to share what they know about the Black Lives Matter movement. Student responses included, “people marching and saying Black Lives Matter in response to police brutality,” and “football players taking a knee during the national anthem as a form of protest.”

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Tuesday, FeaturedMykella Palmer